The Team

Barbara Mattivy – Editor in Chief

B. is this girl full of dreams and excitements about fashion and her career in it. She deliberately calls herself a Fashion Journalist, since she’s still a student in a Fashion Communication Master in Milan, Italy.

Apart from being a fashionista, her day life is composed by 24/7 music listening including a range of Bossa Nova, Indie and Electro Rock choices, as well as cinema, travelling and photography, when she is not broke due to some spending extravagances in the Milanese streets.

She must have coffee every single day and she truly believes in the power of a girl’s night out, singing out loud and talking nonsense. She likes her pencil sharped but she hates insominias nights and plucking her eyebrows.

She also writes for Lilian’s Pacce blog as a contributor in Milan.


Bel Buambua – contributor


Maria Isabel is a 16 year old who aspires to be a fashion journalist — and, like most people in the fashion industry, dreams of working at Vogue. She never stops singing songs, can’t go by without mascara and is mostly known for her warm smile. After developing her passion for fashion, she began noticing and checking out people’s styles in the streets, and spends hours a day reading fashion-related blogs. Whenever she’s not researching and looking over things to write down and make a worthwhile post, you can surely find her sharing a good laugh with her friends, travelling around the world and having lots of fun.

Bel, as she likes to be called, also has her own personal fashion blog: Fashion Affair.

Doshka Harvey – contributor

Doshka is an all around writer who can write about anything; however, she is always excited about penning articles pertaining to fashion, luxury items, entertainment and celebrity news as well.  Anything that catches her keen eye and worth creating a buzz about will be reviewed… with taste, of course. If you love to talk about it, then why not write about it is her belief. She celebrates the power and ability to write and influence others.

She also writes for Starpulse.com as a contributing writer (where she’s had the pleasure of interviewing music stars such as Estelle and Seal) and fashion expert.

Renata Escorihuela – contributor

How do you describe a feeling? I just like to think of myself as a fashion enthusiast, meaning that I don’t suffer for fashion, I just believe that life is much more fun if you dress up and down and sideways every now and then. My mother taught me a lot but she just won’t let go some things like the fact that I took her fabric scissors to cut paper or the day she found out that I had hidden in my closet her Valentino shoes just so I could wear them when they’d fit me. As I was younger than 5, I don’t remember the episode but she makes sure that I do.

I must admit that one of the most exciting moments in everyday life is finding beauty in unexpected places… that might explain why I love photography so much.

Daniel D’Armas – contributor

Gabrielle Vaz – contributor




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